“We Three Killers” – Jingle


Jingle sung along to the tune of “We Three Kings”

© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton

We three killers are insane and all,

Bearing weapons we traveled afar,

Field and fountain, morr and mountain,

Following yonder Star.

(Victims Ran)

O, star of wonder, star of might,

Star with red demon light,

Westward leading, still proceeding, Guide us to the perfect fight.

Killed a man just as part of the plan;

Death we brought, never to live again;

Psychos forever, ceasing never,

Over you all we reign.

Blades a plenty to offer have I;

Stabbing victims this joyous nigh;

Screams and weeping, all men fleeing,

Blood spraying low and high.

Guns are mine; going bang and boom,

Bullets take life, gathering gloom;

Sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying,

Seal’d in the stone-cold tomb.

Glorious now, behold Psychos arise,

Kings and Gods we sacrifice,

Victims scream, “They have a bazooka!”

We have a bazooka!” Psycho replies.


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