“The Christmas Song” – Jingle


Jingle sung to the tune of “The Christmas Song”

© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton


Corpses roasting on an open fire,

The Frosty Maker’s stealing souls.

Carols being sung by a homicidal choir,

And folks are hiding in cubby holes.

Everybody knows a pervert with some mistletoe,

Everyone desires to be part of the fight.

Every person is really a monster, behold,

Anyone can be psychotic tonight!

We know Psycho Claus’s on his way,

He’s bringing lots of weapons, goody!

It’s time! It’s Psychos Day, so slay!

It is your murderous duty.

And every mother’s child,

is gonna spy to see zombie Rudolph,

Running rampant and wild,

Feasting on flesh, as is his impulse.

And so, I’m offering this,

Simple phrase to all innocent,

As your life Psycho Claus subdues,

“Merry Fucking Christmas to you.”


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