“Psycho Christmas Alphabet” – Poetry



© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton

A is for ARTIFICIAL trees with ANGEL toppers we oppose,

is for BLOOD, BRIGHT red like Christmas BOWS.

is for COAL, taking CHILDREN’S hopes and CHRISTMAS CHEER,

is for DECEMBER the most DEPRESSING DAYS of the year.

is for EVIL ELVES and poisoning the EGGNOG,

is for FESTIVE FEASTS, and people stuffing their FACES like hogs.

is for GHOSTS of victims once covered in GRISLY GORE,

is for HOPE, destroyed by Psychos HO-HO HORROR.

is for ICICLES, the IDEAL weapon to use,

is for JACK Frost, JOLLY in his kills and abuse.

is for KRIS KRINGLE, KILLED by Psycho one day,

is for LIGHTS, and hanging victims in the LOVELY display.

is for MISTLETOE, the perverts and MOLESTERS favorite tool,

is for the NORTH Pole, which Psycho NOW rightfully rules.

is for ORNAMENTS, made of hearts, lungs, livers, not an ORGAN is spared,

is for PSYCHO, denying you PRESENTS, PEACE, or PRAYER.

is for QUESTIONS, unanswered with smart QUIRKS added,

is for RUDOLPH, the REINDEER gone RABID.

is for SLEIGH rides in the SNOW, and SLAYING others along the way,

is for TOYS, with TOMMY guns, knives, and TOMAHAWKS we play.

is for UGLY sweaters, worn while UNWRAPPING USELESS gifts, tossing them like salad.


is for WINTER WONDERLAND, snow WHITE splashed WITH red.

is for XMAS, the night Psycho made Santa dead.

is for YOU and me, dancing in YESTERDAY’S ruins YELLING “YAY!”

is for ZOOMING over ZOMBIES in a magical sleigh.


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