“My Second Coming” – Poetry


Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton

I am birthed by that which is evil,
Raised by my eternal mortal rival.
Loved only by the one called Devil,
Told my purpose was something special.

I was raped by a biggot,
Nursed after by the wicked,
Treated like a maggot,
Spiritually convicted.

I was nieve and betrayed,
To fear I was enslaved.
I chose to die, I couldn’t be brave,
But was denied a peaceful grave.

But now it’s time to say, “Enough.”
Unlock the life binding me like cuffs.
To prove that I am fucking tough,
Time to call God out on his bluff!

I am not a child of God,
I refuse to be a saintly smug snob.
I am not part of his angel mob,
Nor will I be his obedient dog!

What I don’t need is a God I can’t see,
Keeping me damned in life; condemning.
Telling me who I can and can’t be,
Delivering punishment for being me!

I accept my fate.
I embrace my hate.
I refuse to wait.
You and I have a date.

I will destroy this world!
For all it has hurled,
At me while I gurgled,
And choked while it whirled.

None will survive,
But that’s no surprise.
I have arrived,
For your demise.

This is my second coming,
And I’m sick to death of running.
What was fear now is numbing,
Odd to find myself quietly humming.

Just like Jesus, I survived death,
What fear could possibly be left?
Conflict has become my clever jest,
I need violence! Not petty theft!

No time to stop and smell the roses,
When your soul itself is corrosive,
Experiencing pain in healthy doses,
The anger rising within, explosive!

It is my time to stand and fight,
Not necessarily for what’s right,
But for the monsters in the night,
Against those existing in the light.

I am your victim no more,
And I know how to even the score.
You lack misery, what a bore!
The Devil is more than just a lore.

And I can feel him in my veins,
Creating strength from my pains,
Making me mightier than Cain,
While whispering the profane.

Inside, I’ve grown cold,
As the Demon within takes hold,
And twists me into a mold;
A psychotic God for all to behold.

My body runs on the Blood of Hell,
Gathered from every demon who fell.
I now know why, but not how,
The Devil isn’t ready to tell.

All of them are my mother’s and fathers,
The cruel and insane, my sisters and brothers.
I was taught to listen to my elders,
I’ll do just that, they’re the experts.

Can you not see?
You cannot control me.
I am evil… And free,
A menace to society.

Do it a favor and kill me now.
You can’t, you won’t, you’d fail!
Go ahead, stuff me in a cell,
I’ll escape it without bail.

I am indestructible!
My biology, mechanical.
Sinful lust; insatiable,
I am not defeatable!

An unstoppable force,
Chaos without a course,
With an unending power source,
Screaming for war ’til I’m hoarse!

Perfect in every way,
Expertly polished with rage.
Reborn a monster this day.
What more could I possibly say?

That I’ll destroy all that I touch!
And poison the party’s punch,
The stolen souls will be my lunch,
On shattered lives my teeth’ll crunch!

Your innocence I’ll devour,
I’m my shadow, you will cower.
To the mass grave, bodies shower,
Never to get a fucking flower!

I’ll bash babies heads against rocks,
While mothers gag on dirty socks,
And the fathers weakness I’ll mock,
Well now that’s just rotten luck.

Cry for me. I said fucking cry!
Your sobs will ring like a lullaby.
Die for me. Die, die, DIE! 
Just give up; close your eyes.

I’ll hunt down the whole family tree,
Picking at each branch ’til it’s empty.
And their gore I’ll wear like a trophy,
So the rest will know to run from me!

I’ll burn entire cities to the ground,
Howling my pleasure like a hound,
When I spy the body mounds,
I’ll delight in the ecstasy found.

I’ll open a portal to the other side,
Letting the demons through in the night,
Then they will permanently destroy the light,
And anyone foolish enough to fight.

The apocalypse will come by my hand!
Each and every one of you is damned.
I’ll claim your homes as my land,
Against a demon no mortal can stand.

Yes, I’ll punish this earthly Hell,
For not even glancing when I fell,
And trapping me in a domestic jail,
Treating me like property for sale!

You’re already dead,
And we haven’t even met,
I’ve said all that I said,
And every word of it I meant.

This is a fate,
You cannot escape.
I may be late,
But we have a date.

Here I am… standing outside.
It’s a waste of time for you to hide.
To the demon’s will I abide,
You won’t escape me a second time.


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