“Ba Ba Dumb Sheep” – Poetry


Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton

I stand here among the living,
And see it now only as fitting,

To call you what you really are,
Livestock bound for the butchers car.

Ba Ba dumb sheep, have you any brains?
No sir, none sir, they all rotted away,

You follow this sheep, who follows that, 
Over the cliff with a figurative splat.

Driven by the instinctual need to belong,
The yearning to be told, “you’re not wrong”.

Claiming titles and labeling yourselves,
Trying desperately to be like someone else.

Living lives written on different scripts.
Preps, Emos, Goths, Skaters, and Hicks,

Jocks, Anarchists, Pranksters, and Geeks,
Let’s not forget our friends, the Jesus freaks.

Nor the druggies, the puritans, the satanists or Buddhists,
The democrats or republicans, the gear heads or the prejudice,

You’re ALL the same, just different color wool,
All playing your part as some form of tool.

Don’t try to deny, you know what you are,
Livestock bound for the butchers car.

Ba Ba dumb sheep, have you any brains?
No sir, none sir, but I don’t feel the pain.

Technology made you numb to the rot,
How to be human, somehow, you forgot.

Social networking killed your mind,
Reality TV left you morally blind.

Commercials guilt you to buy, buy, BUY!
Politics force feeds you lies, lies, LIES!

Buy this! Believe that! Be just like them!
If not, you’ll just fall to some other trend!

Who’s side are you on?“, “Better be mine!
How the fuck can you all be so god damned blind!

These fads are forever damaging,
You can be convinced of anything!

Even to hate those you previously loved,
From your life, just give them a shove.

Because they voted differently than you,
Or didn’t dress “on point”, or sing “on cue”.

And you know you’ll be tossed from the flock just as easy,
So you actually fear being yourself freely!

Can’t you see it’s affecting your mental health? 

Do you see a scared little sheep?
I do. I see weak pathetic meat,

Gathering in flocks, clichés with norms,
Circles of similars, to survive you conformed.

But go ahead and follow the ones around,
It’s to the butcher’s car you’re bound.

Ba Ba dumb sheep, have you any brains? 
No sir, none sir, and of that I’m not ashamed.

It’s left or right, straight forward or back,
But all of you seem to stay right on track.

Not making waves unless you’re “supposed to”,
And always following the rest of the flocks cue.

That’s why crowds stand and watch crimes take place,
Recording with phones, false concern on their face.

Its why it’s okay to bomb some children, and save others,
It’s why children turn to drugs, despite their mothers.

Its why families disown each other for political views,
It’s why people tolerate the hate all religion spews.

There are reasons why you can simply claim a title,
Then poof, all your cards are laying on the table.

Because there are hundreds of thousands more,
Copies of copies, all equally a bore.

I hear you dumb sheep! Blah, blah. Blah, blah.
Your arguments invalid. Haha! Haha!

You can’t ignore this truth forever.
But it’s okay right? You’re all in it together!

Ba Ba dumb sheep, have you any brains?
Of course not! That would be strange.

You’re just as stupid as the sheep next to you, 
This ignorance makes me convulse and spew.

You want to fit in here? To be just like me?
Mentally shattered and morally filthy?

Too broken to love? Too perfect to hate?
Drifting through life with a stolen fate?

Even now I can feel your eyes read,
At the end, I can hear your silent plea,

“I wish I could write something like this.”
Ah-ha! But the point you have missed.

Be just like YOU, and don’t pretend.

Don’t water it down with social norms,
Don’t waste your life being an internet whore.

Get outside and do some damage!
A wolf in sheep’s wool, GO RAMPENT!

Say that thought! Wear that shirt!
Do that thing no matter who gets butt hurt!

Ask the question! Tear down the lie!
It’s only your reputation that will die.

But that’s something only sheep care about,
In themselves wolves never need to doubt.

Oh, it’s me who’s wrong? I should be ashamed?
I should just be a little more tame?

Tossed from the flock? Bitch, I chose to leave!
Because I’m far far better at being me.

Why can’t you just be YOU? Why is that so hard? 
Why copy people living near and far?

Why are you so afraid to just be unique?
Why do I feel I’m talking to a flock of dumb sheep?

Goodbye little sheep your next in line.
Too bad you walked through life so blind.

Ba Ba dumb sheep, have you any soul? 
No sir, none sir, this world swallowed it whole.


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