“Life’s Echo” – Poetry


Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton

… Can you hear me child… 
… Do you know who I am… 
My plan was foiled,
My death just a scam.

… No, child. You are truly dead.
Existing now in a lake of shadow,
The Waters Of Time is where you were sent, 
To experience your own Life’s Echo.

But I don’t want to.
I hate my life.
See it again? I’d rather die,
That’s why I killed myself tonight!

… It works… Different than that…
There’s no telling what you will see…
Your soul is like a detailed map, 
Past lives are roads leading to destiny.

You could see truths hidden before, 
Things you didn’t want to be true.
Of possible futures it could inform,
It will show you your path; askewed.

But there is no timeline,
Here the past is also the future.
And underwater, your mind can’t lie,
Go now, and let time be your tutor.

You’re not listening, it’s like I said,
None of this matters anymore.
Why should I care? I am dead.
And you’re kind of being a bore.

Stop being a stubborn bitch and swim,
Let the Waves Of Time pass over you.
Go and discover why your life is so grim,
This is a Gift, I promise you.

If you don’t, you will be found,
And the torture unleashed on your soul,
Worse than the lives which you’re bound,
Go now, and let your mind become whole!

You call it a gift, but I don’t want it!
I only want a break from my world.
You have no idea what was done to get you in,
Go now or you will be hurled!

Then, suddenly, I was underwater again,
And the waves pushed me that way and this.
Unconsciously I began to grin,
What if I died twice? What a twist.


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