“Mankind” – Poetry 

Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© S.B. “LullaDIEs”

I killed God, therefore I am God.
But this revelation has been forgot.

I killed Satan, therefore I am Satan.
But your mind I shall awaken.

I am Mankind, I come to destroy or to create.
This is humanities unflinching fate.

The power is with me, not with some diety,
To deny is an act of mindless piety.

In this world, I AM the God, I AM the Devil,
A sacred being confined to a mortal vessel.

Created to be perfect, a mixture of two,
Through the ages this truth was misconstrued.

Will I bring joy or will I bring sorrow?
Will I lead armies or simply follow?

The choice is mine and mine alone,
I choose what I despise and what I condone.

They say knowledge is power, and I want it all.
For in perfect understanding I cannot fall.

Your God is dead, and so is your Devil.
I slaughtered them like a butcher does cattle.

I journeyed to that figurative castle in the sky,
And after a long battle both good and evil did die.

I created both, then destroyed them, me and Mankind.
Within my mind and soul both entities combined.

I AM your God. I AM your Devil,
My body is now their host; their temple.

An all powerful being wandering the Earth,
This form is neither a blessing nor curse.

I AM Mankind, born to be divine.
All acts good and evil are purely mine.

God and the Devil are both long dead,
So now you must worship me instead.


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