“Satanic Prayer” – Poetry

Poetry excerpt from Satanic Lulladies.

© S.B. “LullaDIEs”

Lucifer, Prince of Pride,
Your legacy spreads far and wide.
Angel of Music, fallen now,
To one day all will bow.
With Original Sin you were charged,
Arch Gabriel’s lie was mighty large.

Azazel, Prince of Vanity,
You I thank for my insanity.
Deception, Warfare, and the Occult,
These things you taught to all willing folk.
You led Hell’s Armies until defeated,
By Arch Rapheal, he’s so conceited.
Charged with All the Sins of Mankind,
All but forgotten now, left behind.

Asmodeus, Prince of Lust,
Born of Adam, Child of Dust.
Your father lay with the Prostitute Angel Naamah,
Much to his first wife Lilith’s dismay.
Yet it was you who got the last laugh,
When you laid with Lilith at long last.

Amon, Prince of Wrath,
How I enjoy traveling your path.
Blasphemy and Murder is your game,
And when you play it you show no shame.
When I fight with my friends and my foes,
Know it’s your path I willingly chose.

Mammon, Prince of Greed,
It’s to you I call on in want or need.
Vast riches you’ve been known to bestow,
Until the wealth begins to overflow.
The righteous view this as unjustly gained,
But they do not know what was exchanged.

Beelzebub, Prince of Gluttony,
How I’ve enjoyed your company.
Of many names you have been known,
A grand cult is yours to own.
Take all you can.” be your advise,
To those who follow the Lord of Flies.

Belphegor, Prince of Sloth,
To the hard working you only scoff.
Yours be the power of Discovery,
With your gifts, you rewrote history.
Ingenious inventions you teach us to make,
If only in laziness we partake.

Lilith, Lustful Mother of the Damned,
Adams first wife, from Eden you were banned.
With Death at your side, you birthed an army of succubus,
Chaos ensued the near by populace.
Your name alone strikes fear in men’s souls,
Eater of children, you swallow them whole.

Samael, Arch Angel of Death,
May all mortals fear your wrath.
Neither good nor evil, you don’t choose sides.
An immortal wild card, to no ones will you abide.
Darkest of Angels, Reaper of All,
It is you I will meet when my body falls.

Behemoth, Monster of the Land,
Earth shakes and trembles by your mighty hand.

Leviathan, Monster of the Sea,
Gatekeeper to Hell, as it should be.

Ziz, Monster of the Air,
To question your power I wouldn’t dare.

Lords of Darkness, Royals of Hell,
Within my soul each of you dwell.
Hear my request, answer my plea,
I come to you, down on my knees.
A sacrifice for you seems only fair,

Please my Lords, answer this Satanic Prayer.


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