“Goddess Of Narcotics” – Poetry 

Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© S.B. “LullaDIEs”

Sweet Goddess of Narcotics,
It’s to you I pray each day,
Your blessings are hypnotic,
Please, chase my pains away.

My request is the same as before,
I just need my daily fix.
Another dose, and then one more,
Another junkie caught in the mix.

Drinking coffee, fix of Caffeine,
Smoking cigarettes for Nicotine.
All part of the morning routine,
Getting ready to feel Godly.

Without either I am a mess,
Your worship starts out small.
I’m sure your majesty could guess,
Into your arms I’m about to fall.

Some Alcohol to start the addiction,
Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, and Gin,
Even a Beer would sooth my affliction,
Being drunk makes my smile genuine.

Marijuana, Weed, Grass, Oil, or Hash,
Joint, pipe, vaporizer, bubbler, or bong,
With a bag full, the high will last,
Natural; this choice can’t be wrong.

Make me calm, lazy, and hungry,
Fill me with your burning flower,
Later on I’ll have the munchies,
The kitchen reserves I’ll devour.

Salvia is a precious plant,
Sacred to you, My Goddess.
The world melts, morphs, and slants,
Of this I have a fondness.

Sweet Goddess of Narcotics,
Control my body and mind,
I’m not being neurotic,
Your love just has me in a bind.

My request is always the same,
I need to get high one more time,
I know this must seem insane,
But these urges I cannot decline.

Colorful Mushrooms poison my mind,
I’ve seen colors and heard sounds,
Lines between fantasy and reality hide,
But a divine presence is felt all around.

Feed me the Food of the Gods,
Let me see the world as you do.
To some my request is odd,
But on fungus I wish to chew.

Opium is the same just reversed,
Making reality fade away…
Within music I am immersed,
Lost within a shadowy haze.

But with you, My Goddess,
I have nothing to fear.
This drug is your sorceress,
Cast a spell to keep me near.

Yet Acid and LSD take me higher,
Grant me a ticket to the gods realm.
Take me with you, set my soul on fire,
I’ll sit back and let you take the helm.

Visions of dreams and nightmares,
Chemically brought to life.
As to where I am I’m unawares,
How long have I been holding this knife?

Sweet Goddess of Narcotics,
I don’t care what you give me.
My addiction is something demonic,
I’ll pay anything, name your fee.

Please Goddess, give me your blessing,
Chemicals created by mankind,
Inspired by your kind hearted giving,
Recipes scientists were allowed to find.

I’ll pop your many precious Pills,
No matter the deadly prescription.
Handfuls swallowed with skill,
Not forced, it’s my decision.

Dextromethorphan, Vicodin,
Percocet, Celexa, Zanex, Demerol,
Adderal, Lexapro, Valium, Ritalin,
Hydromorphone, Prozac, Tramadol,

Yes, let your love rain from the pharmacy,
Oxycodone, Paxil, Fentanyl, Trazadone,
Give it all to me with a side of Morphine,
Hydrocodone, Effexor, Codeine, and Methadone.

Perhaps some rainbow candies; Ecstasy,
I’m not picky the flavor of pill.
Vivid textures all around me,
So much more than a cheap thrill.

Molly is spiritual and sexual,
Please Goddess, come closer still.
Your touch is exceptional,
My darkest desires you fulfill.

Yellow, blue, orange, green, and white;
Please, pick my meal and feed me.
For your decision I’d wait all night,
I don’t expect the drugs to be free.

Sweet Goddess of Narcotics,
Yes, it’s me again.
My request is becoming robotic,
A slave is what you’ve gained.

Let me feel your sweet caress,
Your intoxication I embrace.
My affection you forever possess,
Of my humanity, leave no trace.

Maybe just a bump of Cocaine,
I love that white powdery shit.
One sniff and UP to another domain,
Nevermind the sins I’ll commit.

Please Goddess, draw me a line,
Make my nostrils burn and bleed.
The sensation is oddly sublime,
For an hour, the drug will take lead.

Or fill me with Methamphetamines,
Let the rocks crack against hot glass,
White plooms obscure the guillotines,
But I’ll die with rock star class.

I promise I won’t burn your gift,
While watching solid become liquid.
Under fire the glass turns and twists,
To pleasing you I’m committed.

PCP is yet another option,
Dust from an angels wing.
A heavenly concoction,
Making bums feel like kings.

Let me feel your immortality,
My pain receptors deadened.
Save me from normality,
Your world has me fascinated.

Sweet Goddess of Narcotics,
My need to get high is agonizing.
Maybe something new and exotic,
At this point I’ll take anything.

I’m becoming desperate now,
I need to feel your loving infection.
To your will I’ll always bow,
I’ll gladly take your injection.

Pump your Heroine into my veins,
Let it control my body and soul.
Needle scars and blood stains,
Neither body or soul is left whole.

It can’t be bad when it feels this good,
Let your disease pulse inside me.
I feel dead, at least I think I should…
It’s an orgasmic kind of being.

Or, push it further with Ketamine,
Leave me completely paralyzed.
Watch my limbs turn to gelatin,
My thinking process neutralized.

Yes, Give me the horse tranquilizer,
Just how close to death can I get?
To my health this is a hazard,
But still I feel no regret.

Krokodil is a nasty, cheap high,
Leaving my flesh dead and black.
Still, the offering I wouldn’t deny,
The needle clean? I didn’t check.

Yes, kill me slowly from the inside,
Leave me feeling immortal.
To your desires I’ll always abide,
With you, nothing is that horrible.

Sweet Goddess of Narcotics,
I’ll take whatever you choose to give.
Without you my mind is chaotic,
Give me a drug if you wish me to live.

There are many other options,
but I don’t need to tell you that.
Just give me any concoction,
The dose doesn’t need to be exact.

Mescaline makes your love vivid,
My sense of time and self changed.
I’ll take it all if you permitted,
This feeling is so estranged.

Your Speed makes me superhuman,
Stimulate my body and mind.
It’s an odd kind of retribution,
Time fast forwards but doesn’t rewind.

I’ll huff your Either like a good daughter,
Inhaling your deadly fumes.
My mind begins to skip and stutter,
Each breath sealing my doom.

Nitrous Oxide, known as “Laughing Gas”,
Your jokes only available for me to hear.
With enough reality slips through my grasp,
And nothing seen or heard is clear.

Let it snow down tiny Bath Salt beads,
I’ll catch them on my tongue,
Little violent hallucination seeds,
I’ll absorb each drop like a sponge.

2C-P is among your ultimate gifts,
With effects lasting a full day.
By the end, I’ll need a psychiatrist,
Your alter will be the couch I lay.

Even now, your blessings do not end!
There are still so many compounds.
These are only ideas that I lend,
Your concepts exist in every town.

Sweet Goddess of Narcotics,
It’s to you I pray each day,
Your blessings are hypnotic,
Please, chase my pains away.

My request is the same as before,
I just need my daily fix.
Another dose, and then one more,
Just another junkie caught in the mix.


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