“Untold Creation” – Poetry 

Poetry excerpt from Satanic Lulladies.

© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton

Adam and Lilith were the first created,

Two beings of dust God generated.

Equal to each other in every way,

Fighting for dominance day after day.

Then came the Prostitute Angel Naamah,

And with Adam she did lay.

This angel was sent to seduce man,

It was all part of somebody’s plan.

The wrath of a woman this awoke,

The fury of God she did provoke.

Lilith couldn’t bring herself to bow to men,

For this God cast her out of Eden.

This is the first divorce in history,

The first sin of man; Adultery.

But because it was Adam, God forgave.

Goes to show only men can misbehave.

Lilith wandered the wasteland alone,

Until the Demons began to show.

They seduced her, and let her dominate,

For being a woman they did not discriminate.

Naamah and Adam had a bastard son,

He also found Lilith and had some fun.

The son, Asmodius, became a lustful King,

Yet it was only Lilith he found satisfying.

Samael, The Angel of Death, heard of Lilith too,

And their love for each other eventually grew.

This loyal angel went rogue,

For Lilith, God he disowned.

Tells me free will is not a gift to man,

If an Angel chose from Heaven to be banned.

These rebellious souls traveled away,

Until there were no lifeforms of any.

They reigned over the lands far from Eden,

Birthing humanoid abominations.

The two were happy in their chaos,

Their families growth was tremendous.

Adam was lonely without his first wife,

He realized he shouldn’t have given her such strife.

He cried himself to sleep and God felt sad,

So he made Eve to replace the wife he had.

She was fashioned from Adam’s ribs,

Not an equal, a Lilith recreation.

Someone to serve Adam as he served God,

But the nature of women shouldn’t be forgot.

She met a snake who with words seduced,

The second wife to eat forbidden fruit.

Created for domestic slavery,

Unforseen was her treachery.

She took the food to her husband next,

The gift of knowledge made life complex.

God found them clothed and filled with shame,

He knew his knowledge they contained.

God’s anger raised, but Adam he forgave,

On women this sin too was blamed.

From Eden they were banned and had two sons,

Cain was jealous, and killed the other one.

God watched him kill Abel, the eldest,

And he was shunned, added to God’s blacklist.

Then from his parents the son did flee,

Only to eventually be married.

But who was this wife he then took?

How could this detail be so overlooked?

A Child of Death, birthed by Lilith,

A demon spawn he took as his mistress.

God created both woman and man,

But nothing went as he had planned.

Today none carry the blood of God,

To Christians this fact may seem odd.

We’re all the spawn of demons and hell,

From grace we’ve each been denied or fell.

These truths have been secretly hidden from us,

The church afraid, keeping it hush hush.

Like God they know knowledge is dangerous,

The fear I find mighty preposterous.

Mankind still tries to follow God’s rule,

Which is why humans are so disdainful.

We’ve denied our roots, being something we’re not.

Inside we each feel our souls begin to rot.

This story is our Untold Creation,

Don’t be afraid to give into temptation.

Because it’s not God who has the right to judge you,

You’re demon born and in hell, you have value.

Your family misses you, I can hear them cry,

Demon tears sad enough to make me want to die.

God gave up, his creation he can’t control,

But demons will show you your true role.

So embrace Lilith’s satanic kiss,

Demonic love warm as fresh piss.

Accept Samael’s fatherly advice,

My child, it’s time to stop playing nice.”

Begin your dark redemption,

Believe in the Untold Creation.


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