“He Is Me” – Poetry 

Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton

There is a voice inside my head,
It is a He, living with Me; coed.

I’ve called him, Demon more than once,
He wasn’t summoned in a seance.

Supernatural forces I’ve debunked,
No science class have I ever flunked.

I’m too smart to be fooled by myself,
I’m under no delusions spell.

I know this He is really Me,
A mental defense, don’t you see?

I was too young to understand the pain,
Too innocent to hold the ideas pertained.

He was necessary, to protect my mind,
To keep the rage loosely confined.

It is not evil, it’s not divine,
His ideas were all mine one time.

My subconscious, or thoughts ignored,
Flickering by while asleep or bored.

It’s not until strong emotions stir,
That He whispers softly his deadly cure.

Or in long moments, spent alone,
He roars the thoughts I already own.

My evil makes up his essence,
He dreams of nothing more than vengeance.

He only retains the most negative pieces,
Chaos and murders fill his speeches.

There’s blood, screams, and carnage all around,
Corpses, monsters, and the insane surround.

The scenes He paints… So vivid,
The topics, remarkably explicit.

At times He let’s Our imagination go rampant,
Those thoughts, I swear aren’t my remnants.

But there’s truth in the words He decides to say,
The lines of reality can begin to fad away.

I didn’t think that, it was He!
But He is Me, confusingly.

Some days He‘s persistent, others not,
He doesn’t really like being forgot.

I have a system to keep him calm,
On the deserving I release him like a bomb.

Just allow him time to go on his rant,
Small acts of chaos sometimes I’ll grant.

He enjoys watching others suffer tremendously,
And encourages all forms of rebellion shamelessly.

My dreams He uses as a secret harbor,
He appears then in blood stained armor.

It’s the only time and place He can truly manifest,
Though I feel his comforting claws when depressed.

It’s not like He‘s uncontrollable,
And I‘m not mentally unstable.

I understand, hearing voices isn’t normal.
Yes, I know it’s not paranormal.

I get it! He‘s not really real.
An imaginary friend type of deal.

I’m not fucking crazy! Get it through your skull.
You’re pissing Us off, and He wants to brawl.

Nevermind the shadow figures I see,
That’s a different curse; I’ve earned three.

I probably could’ve been cured years ago,
But it feels oddly like cutting off a toe.

I figured two minds are better than one,
I’m too loyal to have him expunged.

I’ve grown rather fond of the voice in my head,
If He hadn’t taken action, I’d be dead.

He‘s kept Me alive on this earthly hell,
And picked Me up each time I fell.

Betray Me? I know He never considered it,
More than I could say for all you hypocrites.

So forgive Me if I trust him more than you,
What makes you think you can argue?

I know him, He is Me,
Who are you again, exactly?


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