“Knight In Bloody Armor” – Poetry

Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton

I drempt of you again last night,
My Knight in Bloody Armor.
Your rough hands feel just right,
My dreams your secret harbor.

Your armors spotted different shades of red,
As we stand in the wake of your destruction.
I cannot see you, a helmet hides your head,
But I feel your souls corruption.

Metal dull and cold against my skin,
As you embrace me with your darkness.
I know you’re evil, you are my sin,
Still, I carry on regardless.

You’re not human, more of a beast,
A soldier serving in Hell’s army.
I don’t care, not in the least,
That you first came here to harm me.

Your claws scrap gently against my flesh,
And your sharp teeth graze the base of my neck,
Even though I stand here completely undressed,
With you I can let myself finally relax.

I know you could break my bones with ease,
That you’re compelled to devour my body,
For now, you’re content just to tease,
My lust for your darkness, ungodly.

Beneath your rage I am protected,
At your side I am forever safe,
I am honored to have been selected,
To be your mortal slave.

Your caressing hands burn with your desire.
I glance down at the ground,
Insatiable lust consumes us like fire.
Your victims corpses decaying all around.

I wrap my hand around your scaly talon,
And lift the weapon to my mouth wide open,
You scratch my throat, I suck with passion,
I feel you shiver with built anticipation.

Enough of that, just let me in.
You growl out your impatience.
I’ll take all of you in a minute.”
I whisper my own compliance.

I can smell the smoke of burning cities,
On the dark horizon I can see the fires illumination,
I can hear the cries of both women and babies,
I swell with pride in the midst of your domination.

You come to me every time I fight,
The man who lays beside me.
Your destiny you can rewrite,
You say as you stand behind me.

It’s here with me that you belong.
You whisper softly in my ear.
Your words sing a demented song,
Your longing I clearly hear.

Your madness matches my insanity,
We have both earned our damnation.
We fit together perfectly,
Me and this unholy abomination.

I look again at the carnage around,
At the rotting shells of ruined homes,
I can’t explain the peace I then found,
Standing atop the Mountain of Bones.

But to stay I would have to die,
I can’t though, I already tried.
Six failed attempts at suicide,
Still, I want to stay here and hide.

I smile and nod, “Just tonight,
Tomorrow I have to wake up.”
You growl and hug me tight,
But this dream ended abrupt.

You were gone again this morning,
Chased away by the waking light.
Down my face tears are pouring,
Him and I are already in a fight.

Keep your Knight in Shining Armor,
I have no use for his kind.
I need my Knight in Bloody Armor,
Though he exists only in my mind.


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