“Shadows Stalking Me” – Poetry 

Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© Sitarra “LullaDIEs” Sefton

Walking dark streets in the nights cold,
I look all around and my eyes behold,

Something I know I shouldn’t see,
Unknown shadows stalking me.

They slink and slither from hiding places,
Behind dumpsters, poles, and tight spaces,

They begin closing in, encircling,
My madness again surfacing.

Shadows darker than the blackest void,
The sight of them makes me paranoid.

Frantically I begin to run,
But escape it seems cannot be done.

Faster and faster I will my legs,
Ignoring my muscles cries and begs.

The shady figures lurk closer still,
Their voices laugh from the thrill.

They taunt me as I try to flee,
I know their right behind me.

Panic grips at my core,
Knowing there’s no escape from such horror.

I glance back and to my dismay I see,
One thousand shadows stalking me.

Distracted, I trip on the asphalt,
The chase comes to a sudden halt.

Murky shadows entrap me now,
Demanding to their will I bow.

With onyx eyes and obsidian skin,
Dripping black ink with a mad grin,

Faceless faces to vague to recognize,
But each one holds evil in their eyes.

Terror grips me as I tremble and shake.
The shadows hiss like a den full of snakes,

Our demands are not up for debate!
It is time for you to accept your fate.

It is your destiny to end life and steal souls,
This is your purpose, it is your role!”

Their booming voices roar all around,
Even in my mind, someway they have found!

I curl up in a ball, my hands on my ears,
And I scream “NO!” amidst all my tears,

But the shadows just laugh a menacing sound,
Within their hysterics my sanity drowned.

Then like an angel from God himself,
Headlights hit me, a ray of golden wealth,

And the shadows screeched and deterred,
Without a final word, they disappeared.

The vehicle stops, bright lights engulf me.
I glance up and then stand slowly.

Ma’am, do you need some help?
Called out a young boy, a whelp.

Confused, I look all around,
And in the darkness I then found,

One thousand faces watching me,
These shadows always stalking me.

I smile and nod at this new guy,
While trying to dry my tear soaked eyes.

Then I brushed the dirt off from the ground,
And thankfully to the passengers seat I bound,

For a moment, I’m left in the dark,
We are not a curse. This is art.

The shadows whisper in my ear,
Reigniting my most dreaded fears.

I ignore the shadows, hoping they’d give up,
As I hasten to climb into the truck.

To go far away, where it’s always light,
Where my mind I don’t have to fight.

But in the truck there is darkness, see
The shadows are always stalking me.


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