Splatterpunk: Philosophy of a Horror Junkie – Authors Notes


By: Sitarra “Lulladies” Sefton


Welcome to Splatterpunk: Philosophy of a Horror Junkie!

Splatterpunk –


Refers to fans of a horror genre characterized by the explicit description of horrific murders, violence, or pornographic scenes.

Phrase coined from the terms “Cyberpunk” and “Steampunk”.

Horror Junkie –


Refers to horror fans who are addicted to feeling terror, disgust, and other disturbing emotions. After finishing one horror book or movie, they quickly go back to searching for their next horror fix, never satisfied.


This is a non-fiction book. Contained within these virtual pages are the thoughts of a die hard horror addict; me.

Articles are inspired by interesting debates and questions that come my way regarding horror. It’s inevitable that some of these articles will be biased to my junkie needs, which is why I need your input. Such input can be given before the article is written (I broadcast questions through the Wattpad news feed for my followers to answer), or afterwards.

I don’t want this to become a rant book. I want it to be informative and helpful for both horror fans and creators alike. In order to achieve the desired outcome, I really must hear your opinions too so the viewpoint can be taken into account and added. You may get your feedback to me either by commenting below, posting on my message board, or sending me a private message.

Articles may be updated at any time, with new information as I receive it; either via feedback or my own personal research. I will comment on an article if it’s updated, so followers are notified.

Feel free to get ahold of me if you’d like to see a horror related topic addressed here.



All writings contained herein are by me. No part of these articles are stolen from anyone else.

Quotes and essay excerpts are included, to help explain the multiple influences on both horror as entertainment and as a philosophy. Credit is always given where the credit is due.

Cover created by @SammyGirlTheWeird. She’s awesome ^_^

Please, take a seat. Class is now in session.

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