“The Demon in Me” – Poetry 

Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© S.B. “LullaDIEs”

Alone as I dwell in the darkest corner of the alley,

I blend with the shadows, quiet and stealthy.

Sitting on the cold, asphalt ground,

Hunched behind a dumpster, no one around.

I wear a loose black hoodie, covering my eyes,
Unwillingly reliving the chaos that arised.

The screams of my victims still echo in my mind.
I wish I could forget and leave it all behind.

Sticky red liquid covers my hands up to my elbows,
And smears around my mouth, dripping from chin to throat.

The flies of the dumpster find me and my gore,
And they swarm around as if I were a corpse.

Trillions of tiny wings buzzing about,
Thick enough to be compared to a cloud.

I pull down my sleeves, desperately hiding my guilt,
To this dark temptation I always seem to yield.

So much rage I couldn’t possibly contain.
Maybe they’re right about me being deranged.

But that wasn’t me. I wasn’t in control.
These massacres I never asked to unfold!

It was after I realized how hungry I was,
The voice said, “Feed“; blasphemous.

I doubted a dead man’d tastes this delicious,
That’s because they’re prey, and also nutritious.

This voice, I swear, he’s always here with me.
Ruining each day with his blood lustful feedings.

I just want to be normal! I don’t want to be a beast!
I’m tired of being dragged to the satanic feasts.

From my curse I wish to be free,
How I despise the Demon in Me.

Bitter sweet juice mixed with warm metal…
I think I might be mentally unstable.

My soul is spiraling to the Devil down south,
The taste of blood still lingers in my mouth,

A reminder that my burden is to feed on the flesh of the innocent.
It won’t take long for my hunger to rise again, it’s imminent.

I fear what I will do next.
How to stop it leaves me perplexed.

I curse the joy I feel every time I kill.
I’m revolted by the fascination, the glee, and the thrill.

I hate the peace that comes whenever I cause death and destruction.
Their languish is my insatiable lust, my drug, my addiction.

I’ve feasted on the corpses of victims, I admit it.
I belong in hell for all the wicked deeds I’ve committed!

I am truly evil.
The spawn of the Devil.

Leaning against a fence made of concrete,
Standing perfectly still, trying to be discreet.

I can’t help but notice the flies are here too,
A ginormous horde somehow magically grew.

Sirens sound as I hide in the blackness of night.
Headlights zip by, illuminating bright white.

No doubt hunting for the crazed cannibal,
They’ll never catch us, they’re too predictable.

“Just shut up! I’m tired of your tricks!”
I scream back at the voice, throwing a fit.

My dear, I am Beezelbub, the Lord of Flies!
You will listen to me, and follow my advice!

I provoked the wrath of a Prince of Hell,
There’s no telling the power of a demonic nobel.

Chaos has become my life.
Filled with pain and strife.

When the sun goes down, I lose control,
A demon can possess whatever doesn’t have a soul.

I didn’t want to do this killing spree,
How I despise the Demon in Me.

Running across these dark empty streets,
This pattern in repetition, the event just repeats,

I avoid the street lights blinding rays,
Part of the cat and mouse game we play.

I tried to wake up from this horrid nightmare.
But crimson red covers everything I wear.

I gave into the profanity,
I finally lost all my sanity.

Just like the Daeva spirits in hell,
I’ll feed on the dead, from grace I fell.

I’ve become a slave to the sin Gluttony,
Together we can now live in harmony.

It’s our night to hunt. It’s our time to kill,
And drink on the blood before it’s all spilt.

This is my Demonic Lullaby.
My fate I now ratify.

I have no choice but to live with these sins,
And now the real torture can finally commence.

For hell is apart of me and I apart of hell.
Call me Miss Murder or mademoiselle.

Take all you can,” is Beezelbub’s advice,
To those who follow the Lord of Flies.

With the demon inside I can now agree,
Now I don’t despise the Demon in Me.


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