“Demonic Lulladies” – Poetry 

Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies

© S.B. “LullaDIEs”

These are thoughts of insanity,
Confessions of dark desires,
Tales of murder and brutality,
These things my demons inspire.

Don’t take anything too serious,
This is the mind of the insane.
Genuinely delirious,
Brutally honest, but not plain.

Call this the Demonic Lulladies,
The chronicles of Hell’s decent,
The beginning of darkness, prophesied,
Watch as my madness ascends.

Remember the words religiously,
Grab a pen and a piece of paper,
Scribble your notes down legibly,
For I won’t repeat myself later.

Slayers, Criminals, the deranged,
The angry, depressed, and the crazed,
Demons claim all those mentally plagued,
And each society wished to erase.

They are the children Hell’s been longing;
Lost, soulless, and impressionable.
So long as the carnage keeps coming,
They’ll protect them ’til they’re replaceable.

Experience my abuse,
Know that I am the victim.
By rage I am seduced,
Watch me become the villain.

My kin, the ones you will encounter,
Play this game of murder gleefully,
In their shadows you would cower,
Paralyzed by fear, conveniently.

Blood sacrifices to untold abominations,
Etched in the victims is our history,
We must exist without publication,
And your disappearance will remain a mystery.

Hell always wins, they never lose,
The deck is stacked to us favorably.
Destruction of life keeps demons amused,
Our pleasure is mortals misery.

Enjoy these stories of Evil’s victories,
And don’t worry about your attire,
Blood and cum are our priorities,
Here in our sinful empire.

To dominate and control you; orgasmic.
To enslave you… rape.. abuse… kill…
To make your body and soul a market,
For Hell’s armies to use as they will.

Just relax, let the demons explore,
And exploit your body and mind.
They’ll find sin in you to adore,
Then you’ll crave it, come to find.

We combine violence with sexuality,
Submit to us now as your Master.
The animal inside awakened; bestiality,
By this single wicked pastor.

I’m questioning your spirituality,
Polluting your mind more with each hour.
Preaching secret evil philosophies,
Your soul, these things will devour.

Listen to these tunes of disparity,
As we sing songs of a morbid choir.
Dance to the monstrous melody,
Then hear Satan’s voice conspire.

God is not here. God is long dead.
He’ll whisper like a poisoned viper,
From deep within your own head,
Replacing your moral advisor.

There is no good. There is no bad.
No angels. No heaven. No fantasy land.
God doesn’t care now; never has.
Go ahead, take the Devil’s hand.

We destroy all remaining morality,
Leaving only the most unholy survivors,
We’re traitors to mortal societies,
Rebel with us and be Hell’s fighter.

We spread concepts of anarchy,
Chaos and rage we admire,
Glance at the world’s monstrosity,
Wishing it would burn in hellfire.

Any reason is a good one to riot,
We’d never submit or conform to men.
In a plane? Subdue the pilot.
Why? Because they all deserve to sin.

See how insane that was!
How it doesn’t make any sense…
But you continue reading because,
Even you’re crazy to some extent.

There isn’t much logic to our hate,
Then again, does there need to be?
You were all chosen; part of fate,
Now it’s time to fulfill your destiny.

I’m sending you a private invitation,
To this party, you shouldn’t be late.
It will be a grand revolution!
With the apocalypse, we have a date.

Reflections of fading humanity,
Expose even the greatest of liars,
Will you embrace these profanities,
Or should your life soon expire?

These concepts sneak and slither invisibly,
Spread around by Demonic advisors,
This explosion of truth is a necessity,
The words written here are just an ignitor.

These are disturbing with obscenities,
Creeping in your mind like a spider,
Created for those with abnormalities,
Your worst fears contained in a binder.

Prepare for pages filled with vulgarity,
And mysteries in need of a cypher.
Just to be sure we have perfect clarity,
You can blame yourself, not the writer.


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