101 Psychos #8 – Murderers & Pedophiles 

Psycho #8 – Murderers and Pedophiles
© S.B. “LullaDIEs”

A Tale of Vigilantism and Pedophilia:

Vigilantes are individuals who take the law into their own hands often claiming to be performing the will of the community.

Pedophiles are adult individuals who are sexually attracted to children, typically ages eleven or younger, although the cutoff age to be labeled a pedophile is thirteen.

The two teen boys always wanted to be murderers. They were obsessed with both the Hollywood depictions of serial killers as well as the living and historical psychopaths. The list of idolized heroes included Jim Jones, BTK, Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Michael Myers, Jigsaw, and many more. They craved more than anything else to be counted among the most notorious of evil men. They just didn’t quite know how to go about it.

Who should they kill? How should they kill them? When? Where? Such decisions weren’t as simple as they originally seemed.

“I’ve got an idea.” the black haired boy declared one night while they were discussing their secret desire.

“Hmm?” replied the blond.

“Child molesters. Think about it. Who’s really going to complain? We would be doing the world a service.” the dark haired boy smirked at his own cleverness.

“How do you suppose we find them?” his friend inquired, as if it would be an impossible feat.

“Simple. They have to register with the state, and those records are public information. We can find them on any desktop or smartphone.”

“We can enter the home late at night, catch them while they’re sleeping.” the blond boy finished for his friend.

With a general idea in place, the two teens went about their night together planning how they would finally make the dream of blood soaked fame become a reality.

They stood outside a window around the backside of the house. Their chosen target sat with two others in view of a large window near the front door. After watching the gathering for a moment through the homes thin curtains, the boys thought him to be having a poker game with a couple friends. Initially this made the boys nervous as it was not part of the plan, but the blond pointed out that sometimes plans changed. They would have to adapt to the unexpected if they wanted to succeed.

So the last minute decision to enter through the far side was made. The window was left unlocked, and they slid into the home easily and undetected. The room they stood in was clear of inhabitants, so they moved across the hall to the next one, which was also empty.

Down the corridor they traveled together, until they came to a crossroad. One way went to the kitchen, the other to the living space. At this point the boys had figured out the basic layout of the house and figured that both rooms could enter the dining area, where the poker game was believed to be taking place. They silently agreed to split up with a nod of their heads; one going left and the other right.

When they neared the three unsuspecting victims, the boys became anxious. They were finally going to do it; they were going to become murderers just like the ones they idolized. Fear began to grow within them. Neither one wanted to screw this up and fail on their first attempt, or worse be caught by authorities. Reality of their intentions and possible consequences began to set in, but the two were determined to see their plan through so those negative thoughts were pushed to the side.

The group of card players noticed the invaders enter the room and stood quickly from their seats, but the boys were quicker. The blond raised his gun and fired once, the dark haired boy fired twice.

The victims fell to the ground, all life erased. The blood splatter did not effect the desensitized boys much, save for the momentary feeling of awe that overcame them. Surprised at how easy the murders turned out to be, the boys moved to high five each other. As they approached the table however, they found themselves in for yet another shock.

It wasn’t a card game they’d been playing. Laying out on the table were Polaroid shots of hundreds of children, most naked and bruised, but all with looks of terror on their tear streaked, dirty faces. The boys shuffled through the pictures in both disbelief and horror at what they were seeing. Some were tied down to beds with their legs spread wide. Others were bent over tables and chained down. Most of the kids were between the ages of four and ten. In many of the images, both fresh and dried blood could be seen on the children’s inner thighs, clear evidence of the sexual torment they had been exposed to.

The images were mortifying even to the teen boys. They didn’t want to continue looking, but at the same time they couldn’t pry their eyes away. The blond gagged and backed up, trying desperately to keep the vomit down. He’d watched enough television to know leaving behind any DNA, including stomach bile, was a foolish mistake.

“We should search the house, just to be sure they’re all dead.” the blond spoke after he recouped, no longer willing to view the pictures.

“We’ve gone through the house, there wasn’t anyone there.” replied the dark haired boy as he continued flipping through images of child torture.

“Not the whole house.” declared the blond, standing perfectly still near his companion. When the black haired boy looked at him questionably, the blond pointed at what caught his attention.

There was a door inside the kitchen. The mystery of the otherwise unnoticed entryway caused the dark haired friend to turn away from the table. Knowing that his friend was just as curious as him, the blond slowly approached the door and pressed his ear against the wooden boundary.

“I hear whimpering.” he declared after a moment.

“Come on, we need to go.” urged the black haired one, “The police will be here soon and we shouldn’t be. Let them deal with the door.”

They left the images there for the authorities to find, and vacated the house. Neither felt any sympathy for their victims, or remorse for the crime they committed.

The next day it was announced on the news that one registered pedaphile and two others who were never convicted were murdered in the safety of their home. The news caster continued on to say that evidence of all three taking part in the kidnapping, rape, and murder of children had been recovered. There were also four children found naked, severely beaten, starving, and chained in the basement. They were currently in protective custody at a local hospital while authorities tried to contact the families.

The news segment mentioned nothing more about the murderers.

“See,” the dark haired boy said after the news program ended, “I told you. No one cares about them. Everyone sees us as fucking heroes.”

The blonde nodded, “So, who’s next on the website?”

The sounds the blond heard behind the wooden door haunted him throughout the night, and every night past. It only served as a reminder that what him and his friend were doing was indeed necessary, and so he embraced the nightmares. The unconscious visions became his inspiration to continue the hunt. His dark haired companion was still motivated only by his blood lust, but it was just as powerful a driving force.

While their reasons to continue the killing spree differed, the desired outcome was still the same. It didn’t take long for the locals to idolize the mysterious murderers, as the two had saved hundreds of the communities children from such sexual predators. Eventually the two moved on to new areas of the country, having executed all those living locally and listed on the sex offender registration site.

Only a few of the townsfolk claimed that the murderers were wrong in their actions. Those people were suspected to have something to hide and the boys secretly kept tabs on them, waiting for the critics to slip up so they too could be erraticated.

Kill them all, fuck sorting them out, became the boys motto, and they live by those words even today.


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