“HIM” – Poetry 

Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies

© S.B. “LullaDIEs”

Laying in the darkness, the cold hard streets underneath me, I cry.

The rain of the night mixes with my tears, I just want to die.

I wear only the black lingerie I bought for HIM.

Suddenly my thoughts turn grim.

The very idea of HIM causes the images to flood my mind,

HIM. HER. Together.

We were suppose to be forever.

I stand to my feet, frozen from the cold night.

But standing alone seemed to take all my might.

The dead end alley seeming suddenly evil.

Alone, I could feel the presence of the devil.

It was suppose to be a surprise.

But the images, the lies.

Taking a few steps, I spot something in a garbage can.

A gun, I grab it in my hand.

Probably from a kid who robbed a gas station.

To me, it was a sign. A way out of my devastation.

I no longer had HIM.

The thought alone made life seem dim.

My entire future was put aside for that… Beast.

He didn’t care, not in the least.

I grabbed the gun,

I fought my instinct to run,

As if my destiny was to end tonight,

There was but one bullet left in sight.

I grab a piece of broken glass and cut my wrist.

How I wished we’d never kissed.

I smear the blood on the wall.

But the pain it did not dull.

When done, I sat and screamed.

All sanity flowing from me.

As if controlled by another, my arm came up to my head.

With a flick of a finger, this is the end.

When the cops got to the scene,

One word was written as red as can be.



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