Dracula Clothing


Dracula Clothing designs and sells alternative apparel and accessories. From goth to steampunk to Victorian, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for here.

Note from Founder:

“I started DraculaClothing in 2007, I had walked around in Camden and didn’t find anything I wanted. The few things that I liked were very expensive. I had traveled around in India and knew they have some tailors that are the best in the world. So I decided to make a shop that has tailor made clothes at a more reasonable price. One of the ways we keep the price down is by sending the clothes directly from the tailor to the customer.

We have some tailors now that are very dedicated and love what they are doing. The quality of what they make is the best I have ever seen.

We started doing this for fun and because we are alternative style addicts;-) We thought we would sell mostly to our friends and some random people, but have ended up selling a lot more than we thought, the shop is based in Prague with two wonderful employees that take care of sending orders and keeping everything together.”

They even ship worldwide with FREE shipping! You can also order custom made corsets.

Shop at Dracula Clothing by clicking here!

If you’re looking for corsets, shop at Dracula Corsets here!



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