“Class Notes” – Poetry 

Poetry excerpt from Demonic Lulladies.

© S.B. “LullaDIEs”

Sitting in class,
Notes are passed,

But none are for me.
Why can’t I be,

The girl with the notes?

One girl giggles while looking my way,
I can image what the note did say,

Look at her, she’s so nerdy,
Not to mention dirty.

When she walks by, we should spit,
Then watch her throw a fit.

It’s not like she has any feelings,
I hear with the Devil she has dealings.”

They don’t know my sorrow, turmoil, or fright.
They don’t know what comes for me in the night.

To them, my pain I refuse to show.
I look at their clothes,

They look pretty in pink,
Mine are as black as ink.

They’re so perfect,
I’m not worth it.

Their torture is mine to bare,
I earned this far and square.

These secrets I keep should be honestly told,
But I’m a coward, I’ll guard my secrets ’til I’m old.

I’m truly ugly and dark,
My past has left it’s mark.

I found this hidden away in some old paperwork. As it is among my first poems I thought it best to start the “ascension to madness” with it.


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