About LullaDIEs


“Bringing freaks and psychos together under one website.”

This place is all about Horror, Gore, Insanity, Madness, PSYCHOS, Monsters, Demons, Villains, Violence, Twisted minds, Warped viewpoints and Tragic endings.

My name is LullaDIEs, and in this domain I am the psychotic Queen. I’m a creative person with a strong interest in all things dark, disturbing, and gory. Horror is my first love.

As a Horror Author, I express shocking and disturbing scenes in multiple forms; poetry, short stories, and full length books. My most popular work is 101 Psychos, a short horror story collection focusing on hardcore murder scenes. Additionally there is the Demonic Lulladies & Satanic Lulladies, both of which are dark poetry collections reflecting on the most gruesome and horrific aspects of humanity, and the Splatterpunk Articles which is a collection of nonfiction essays, guides, and lectures regarding the philosophy of the horror genre.

101 Psychos Cover  Splatterpunk Cover Sm. photogrid_1440797574972.jpg  img_20150726_163521.jpg  10236931-160-k781653  8755774-256-k762017    9713208-256-k762039  Psycho Love Cover Sm.  thumbnail_image

WARNING! Some of this content may not be suitable for all readers. Mature audiences only please. Viewer discretion advised.




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